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now i do as i please and i lie through my teeth; someone might get hurt but it won't be me.
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[December 20,2006
@ 1:05am
so drive yourself insane tonight
its not that far away
i just filled up your tank earlier today
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[December 20,2006
@ 1:05am
i backdated this. its really like the 30th.

i've been listening to too much something corporate. i've also realized that i finally began to LIKE chocolate, but i still hate dark chocolate cos its gross. i need to clean my turtles tank because its been a while and i realized that all i ever want to do is watch sex and the city all day. i just ordered the box set and i hope it comes here this week so i can sit in my room and watch it for the rest of my life and be happy. i thought that the night at the museum was a fantastic movie. i think it was really funny and i definitely want to go and watch it again. i am glad that i convinced you to come see it with me, you fuck.

i have to go to work tomorrow. i have plans for the next week or so. i can't wait to go to the museum of natural history. i have to also go to court. i gotta take my bunny to the vet and i have to make my way into the city because i am buying myself a pair of manolo blahnik mary janes.

i love the people i have been with everyday for the last 4 or 5 days, especially two in particular. you assholes are great. i neeeeeeeeeeeeed sleeppp
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[September 17,2006
@ 11:01am
so heres a present to let you know i still exist. i hope the next girl that you kiss has something terribly contagious on her lips.
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[August 28,2006
@ 1:09pm
don't bother because i still don't give a shit.
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